Month: December 2017

medical marijuana

Medical marijuana can be added to various food items like brownies, cookies, certain types of chocolates and even in fruit juices. Many people do not have credible information about the real impact of marijuana. The link describes the various medical benefits of marijuana. Experts suggest that if you eat food products with cannabis-infused in them, you can easily avoid many adverse health effects.

Infused Cannabis
Cannabis is organic and does not have any significant side effect if you consume them after mixing in food products. But if you smoke pot, then there can be some adverse impacts on your overall health. The maximum adverse effects will be on your lungs and heart. So, it will be safer if you increase your marijuana intake without smoking it. There are various methods to get marijuana-infused edibles. In the recent times, some business organizations have started selling food items with medical marijuana content. If you buy such food products, then you will not need to add marijuana to brownies or cookies before eating. If you purchase such food products, then you can save a lot of time.

Patients Restricted From Smoking Marijuana
Some patients do not have the option of smoking medical marijuana. People with some lung or bronchus diseases can’t smoke pot even if they want to. So, if a doctor prescribes them medical marijuana, then they should opt for edibles with medical marijuana content. Doctors advise people to eat such food items even when they have some eating disorder. If you have some digestive disease, then it is possible that the doctor will prescribe medical marijuana. At such times, it is best if you eat food items with hemp. People who suffer from excessive nausea may also make use of cannabis for their treatment. You can expect an outstanding outcome if you consume medical marijuana in appropriate amounts during this period.

If you like to use medical marijuana, then you must ensure that you eat the right quantity and not more than that. If you use medical marijuana in excess, then there will be some severe and unwanted adverse effects on your health. It is crucial that you consider the quantity of various active cannabinoids such in your marijuana. The impact of medical marijuana will not be enough in case the percentage of THC and CBD is less than required.

The digestion of the edibles infused with cannabis varies from one type to another. Your body will make use of a lot of saliva to digest some edibles. Intestines play a significant role in the digestion of other edibles. Gastrointestinal metabolism is used to absorb many edibles such as brownies and cookies. You can also buy lollipops and chewing-gums with marijuana content where saliva is the dominant player in digestion. There is a low percentage of marijuana in these edibles.

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Each one of us has been told that exercise is excellent for us. It is now accepted as a fact. Regularly exercising has emotional, physical and mental benefits. But, for most of us, it is the great physique that entices us to workout. For women, it is a toned abdominal region that provides that perfect hourglass figure. A flat stomach is the holy grail of every female. Yet, taking out a set period to go to a gym or yoga every day is not possible for all.
The solution is ab workout women can do at home. With just a few simple exercises any woman can snap into shape. It is not just the same old sit-ups and crunches that one has to resort to firmer abs. In this article, we take you through some exciting and new ab workout exercises, step by step. If you need some motivation to get you going read this article, The excellently written article explains how every individual benefit from a workout regime!
• Side Crunch – Standing
The first exercise is meant to work on your obliques and legs. Begin the exercise by standing on your feet. Put your right hand behind your head, and your left hand extended out on the side. Keep the left hand at should height. Slowly bend and lift the right knee towards the bent elbow of the right hand. Do this single repetition for 15 times on right side. Then switch sides and repeat it, 15 times.
• Overhead Press – Knees Up
The second exercise will give your abs, glutes, and shoulders a great workout. Begin the workout by sitting on a mat. Your feet should be flat on the floor and knees bent high towards the ceiling. Take a pair of dumbbells and place your hands near the shoulders. Your palms should be in and elbows by your sides. Now extend your hands towards the ceiling and lift your feet a few inches off the floor. In this position, you should be leaning back slightly, and your knees should be pushed towards your chest. Hold the pose for 3 counts. Relax. Then start again. Repeat the exercise 15 times.
• Pike & Extend
This exercise works on your abs and leg muscles. Begin by lying flat on the mat. Raise your legs towards the ceiling from the hips. Your hands should be straight and overhead. Now, pull a crunch and try to touch your hands to the feet. As you go back down from the crunch, bring the left leg towards the floor. At this point your left leg is straight on the floor, right leg is raised high, and arms are extended overhead. Crunch again, by lifting the left leg and touching your fingertips to toes. This exercise is done 20 times by alternating the legs that your raise.
The trick to a flat ab is not doing many exercises. It is to do a few activities with a number of repetitions. So pick any time of the day and begin your workout at home now.

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A tummy tuck is a common medical procedure which is undergone to restore the original figure. It is a cosmetic surgery carried out by experienced plastic surgeons like Dr Adrian Brooks to tighten the abdomen muscles and to remove the excess fat deposit from the tummy. This procedure is also referred as abdominoplasty. You may think that this procedure is done for cosmetic reasons, but there are several medical benefits to the treatment as well. Click on the link to know more about plastic surgery.

As stated earlier, while abdominoplasty may be used predominantly as a cosmetic procedure, there are times that it is used as corrective surgery as well. If you are unaware of certain other medical benefits of undergoing abdominoplasty, here is a list of some of the medical benefits that you can enjoy from a tummy tuck procedure.

Improves Urine Control
There are situations where some women who have delivered their babies through vaginal birth suffer from stress urinary incontinence. It is a problem where these women cannot control urine and face situations like uncontrollable leakage during coughing, sneezing or even laughing. Several types of research have shown that this condition can be treated with a tummy tuck procedure. During the treatment for incontinence, the surgeon creates an obstruction in the bladder with the help of tissue near the pelvic area.

Improves Abdominal Tone
You may have noticed that the tone of your abdominal muscles seems to have been loosened after multiple pregnancies. You may also have seen loose tummies when you reduce considerable weight by following a strict diet. All this can be treated with the help of a tummy tuck procedure.

Improves Posture
People who have excess fat deposited in their tummy face various posture issues, and they could not maintain a proper posture due to their tummy. In order to have the right posture for your body, you can undergo a tummy tuck treatment. It helps to tighten the loose muscles which support the spine. Thus you can free yourself from several types of back pain and posture discomforts.

Treats Hernia
Hernia is a health condition where the intestine escapes the abdominal cavity and forms a sack. This can be due to various reasons like sudden weight loss, C-section or other abdominal surgeries. You will need to correct a ventral hernia through surgery to prevent serious complications. It can also be also corrected by abdominoplasty, which helps strengthen the weak muscles of your abdomen.

There are several benefits and risks associated with the tummy tuck procedure. Before you decide to undergo the procedure, you should be aware that the procedure is an invasive surgery done by offering general anesthesia. The operation lasts from one to five hours and can remove nearly ten pounds of abdominal fat. It takes several weeks to recover from the after-effects of the surgery. There are complications or risks involved with the surgery which includes infection, problems due to improper post-operative care, etc. However, these types of risks are associated with any sort of surgery. Be aware of the pro and cons of the procedure before you undergo abdominoplasty.

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